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First 3D printed building in Poland!

First 3D printed building in Poland!

It's time to REbuild.

Technology startup revolutionizing the 3DCP – 3D Construction / Concrete Printing industry. We present not only concrete printing but also integral, automated reinforcement, formworks and insulations. We are a group of experienced engineers, entrepreneurs, visionary personalities who met to REbuild the way of building.

REthink. REarrange. REbuild.

We are a group of people, experienced engineers, entrepreneurs, visionary personalities who met to REbuild the way of building. The company REbuild is a fresh startup dedicated to introduce 3D Printing technology to the construction industry.

Concrete printing

Concrete printing – Gantry type printer and new extruder design for 3D concrete printing

Integral reinforcement

Patented solution for automated, continuous, composite reinforcement and reinforcement printhead

Automated formworks

Patented solution for recyclable and automated formworks, supports and formwork printhead

Ecological approach

 Products and materials with planned life cycle, prepared for recycling, made with eco-additions

Limited human involvement

REbuild solutions require limited human involvement making the building process safer, quicker and cheaper

Insite & Offsite printing

REbuild technology and printers are suitable for both insite and offsite operation


The REbuild team has solutions for construction issues like reinforcement, formworks, supports, thermal insulation or complicated wall shapes. All of these CAN be automated! On top of that company owns know-how of recycling technology to reuse raw materials in the process of building. Our solutions decrease construction time and costs by half! Our approach: REthink. REarrange. REbuild.

First 3DCP company to introduce
automated reinforcement and supports



The 3DCP technology allows for faster and cheaper building construction. 
The automated process benefits with personalized projects at fraction of price 
compared to contemporary techniques. 


Up to 80% cheaper


Up to 70% faster

Przetarg na komponenty do drukarki 3d do betonu.

Przetarg na komponenty do drukarki 3d do betonu.

 Koncept konstrukcji W związku z realizacją projektu “Innowacyjny system wytwarzania zbrojonych wydruków 3DCP ” zwracam się z prośbą o wycenę komponentów (w tym silników, sterowania, okablowania, przekładni)  do drukarki 3D do betonu. Zamówienie dotyczy maszyny o...

Ogłoszenie anulowane.   Dnia 25.11.2021r. ogłoszenie zostało doprecyzowane, co nie zmienia terminu nadsyłania ofert. Dodane informacje zaznaczono na niebiesko. Koncept konstrukcji W związku z realizacją projektu “Innowacyjny system wytwarzania zbrojonych wydruków...

Now hiring!

REbuild your life by REbuilding the world. Join us to make the most of your talents. If your goals are: INNOVATION, TEAMWORK & IMPACT, you are at the right place. Send us CV & Cover Letter at: or use contact form.

REbuild Team

Michał Kowalik

Michał Kowalik

Witold Rządkowski

Witold Rządkowski

Rafał Perz

Rafał Perz

Michał Wałdykowski

Michał Wałdykowski

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