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Innovative system for the production of caste-sized, large-scale components meeting the assumptions of a closed-loop economy

The project is co-financed by the European Union with funds from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020. The project is implemented under the competition of the National Centre for Research and Development: Fast Track. 

Project value: 6 386 944.78 PLN

Funding value: 5,562,815.68 PLN

Project title: Innovative system for the production of caste-sized, large-scale components meeting the assumptions of a closed-loop economy

Project objective: The objective is to develop an autonomous, incremental manufacturing technology (3D printing and milling) for the production of caster large-size objects together with a control and quality control system. The material (similar to XPS) will be used to create moulds, spatial elements and moulds for filling with materials such as concrete. One of the key print products could be prefabricated walls with a concrete core in lost formwork, where the extruded material will be the form and insulation of the wall.

Planned effects: The solution being developed as part of the project will be a large-scale 3D printer moulder capable of printing XPS formwork with a high degree of freedom of shape and the properties of the building material itself. The system will enable both single-unit and batch production at the same time enabling easy and effective customisation of the manufactured range - on-demand production. Production will be assumed to be waste-free production, where the material that is temporarily wasted from machining will be reused in incremental manufacturing.

The solution will be targeted at construction companies, primarily those involved in the creation of prefabricated walls using the lost-cladding technology, but also other products such as architectural sculptures, composite products.


Innovative system for manufacturing reinforced 3DCP prints

The result of the project will be an innovative (worldwide) technology enabling automation of building reinforced concrete structures and a prototype 3DCP printer with two systems - concrete printing and reinforcement.

  • Stage 1. Innovative concrete 3D printing head (patent pending), with hopper, internal mixer, vibrator and stamping screw, which will significantly increase the efficiency of work and quality of prints.

  • Stage 2. A system (also pending patent protection) for the automatic manufacture and placement of composite continuous reinforcement in a print.

  • Stage 3. Development and integration of a prototype 3DCP printer for real-world operation with the ability to operate both heads - the first of its kind in the world.

  • Stage 4. Certification of products and products planned for implementation.

As a result of the implementation of the new 3DCP printer, the printing of small-batch structural, utilitarian and decorative components will be cheaper and faster, with more freedom to design their shapes available. The customer groups will be architects, urban planners, construction companies, prefabrication companies and retail customers. Implementation will be through the sale/rental of equipment and provision of 3DCP printing services.

Project value: PLN 5,933,030, funding of PLN 4,384,245


The REbuild Company is implementing the R&D Project entitled "Rebuild"

The REbuild Company is implementing the R&D Project entitled "Rebuild". The value of the project we are implementing is PLN 900,000.00, and the contribution from the European Funds is 80% of this amount. Support for the project was obtained in cooperation with the AgriTech Hub Sp. z o.o. and Simpact Sp. z o.o. fund implementing the project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Program, Measure 1.3: R&D works financed with capital funds, Sub-action 1.3.1: Support for research and development projects in the preseed phase by proof-of-concept funds - BRIdge Alpha

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