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Main features:
high efficiency
stable construction
remote control
quick nozzle change
proprietary extrusion system
3DCP Printer

REbuild V2

Working area range [m]: 
width: 1,7 - 3length: 3,2 - 5,2height: 1,7 - 3

Innovative 3D printer, created for small and medium-sized projects.

Ideal for creating custom garden architecture, benches, flower pots, ornaments, and concrete prefabrication. Stable steel construction ensures high precision and high printing speed. The machine is equipped with a proprietary extrusion system, giving full control over the flow of cement mix.

Printing speed: 300 mm/s
Maximum extruder output: 1 t/h
Buffer tank capacity: 37l
Pump connection: camlock DN25
Total maximum motor power: 8,5 kW

The quick-change nozzle system allows the printer to adapt the extrusion of paths to any cross-sectional shape in minutes. The compact design and lockable wheels provide quick transportation and easy setup. The printer can be supplied with material from a plastering unit with a pump or manually - directly into a buffer tank. A wide range of available mixes and colorants allows to customize the properties of the print.
3DCP Printer

REbuild V3

Working area range [m]: 
width: 3 - 15length: 6 - 13height: 2 - 5

3D Printer designed for large-scale projects.

It is able to print functional buildings and prefabricate larger concrete elements. Like the REbuild V2, it features infinite extrusion control and a quick nozzle change system, allowing for instant changes in the shape of the path cross-section. It allows the use of larger nozzles and is adapted to increased mix output.

Idling speed: 600 mm/s
Print speed: 300 mm/s
Maximum extruder output: 6 t/h
Buffer tank capacity: 90l
Pump connection: camlock DN35
Total maximum motor power: 37 kW

Thanks to the modular truss design, the dimensions of the work area can be customized. The simple design allows for easy transportation and assembly and disassembly in a matter of hours. This model made it possible to print Poland's first construction on-site - a utility building for the McDonald's restaurant in Wyszków.

Prices for our products are set individually on request. Upon request, possible modification of the maximum dimensions of the printer.

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